"In Pursuit of Physical Excellence, Optimal Performance & Enhanced Well-Being"

2013-07-29 - Welcome!


Welcome to the new site. This site has been designed to present my future photographic & video projects and is not intended to replace my bodybuilding site at www.hardcorebody.ca.

As some of you may know, I have recently been forced to retire from competitive bodybuilding due to financial constraints. It’s simply an expensive sport and having given my all the last 7 years (24/7/365) and every spare penny I could scratch up I just can’t sustain it anymore. In my dreams I had hoped that I would find a sponsor at some point but that hope isn’t realistic. I haven’t replaced appliances or been able to do anything special with my son for those 7 years. He and I have both made big sacrifices to allow me to compete, so It’s time to get real.... As much as I love the sport I have to move on (and there IS more to life).

I am choosing to do photoshoots as a means of motivating myself to keep in elite condition. I confess, I also want to somehow capture and immortalize all the hard work (diet constraints and training).

I hope you enjoy the media and somehow find inspiration to eat healthy & bring your training/exercise program to a new level. As lovely as photos are we must remember this is primarily a quest of health and wellness.

I like to say that i’m
“In pursuit of physical excellence, optimal performance and enhanced well-being”. It’s a lifestyle that permeates one’s whole being: spirit, mind and body.

Be well my friends!

Christine :))